Stone Valley Media



Mikael Persson; owns and runs Stone Valley Media AB.

I have always been interested in technical "gadgets" but the interest in photography first gained momentum when the digital pocket cameras came. After a few different pocket cameras, I realized that I wanted more - and above all learn more - and acquired my first digital system camera. Since then, I have gradually upgraded camera models and lenses and now photograph mostly in full format.

Like so many others, I started photographing holiday memories on a simple level, but as my interest grew, I began to carry the system camera with me on my many business trips around the world. Then it came naturally that I became responsible for photographing various events and meetings that I participated in. Many people started contacting me to take part of my pictures.

In my free time I photograph mostly animals & nature, cars & motorcycles but also my family, preferably in unattended moments .. ;-)

The technical interest also applies to computers and image editing, so of course I have built my own editing computer and spend a lot of time getting the best out of various editing programs, mainly Photoshop Lightroom, to create the best result of the images.